Gravity Water Filter

We Are Manufacturing Stainless Steel Gravity Water Filter That Is Equipped With Silver Impregnated Ceramic Candle, Brass Tape And Anti Slippery Rubber Gasket.

Also Available With Silver Impregnated Ceramic Candle with Activated Carbon

The Basic Concept Behind Water Filters Is Purification Of Water.

The Stainless Steel Water Filter Offered By Us Is Highly Appreciated For Its High Performance And Longer Working Life.

A Water Filter Removes Impurities From Water.

Removes Contaminants From The Tap Water, Allowing You To Safely Drink.

A Design for a Water Filter Is One That Incorporates Gravity as the Powering Element

Our Sizes of Stainless Steel Water Filter

1) 10 Ltrs
2) 12 Ltrs
3) 15 Ltrs
4) 18 Ltrs
5) 20 Ltrs
6) 24 Ltrs
7) 26 Ltrs
8) 30 Ltrs
9) 34 Ltrs

Capacity Includes Both Containers

• Silver Impregnated Ceramic Candle / Filters
• Stainless Steel Lid with Bakelite Knob
• Spigot (Metal / Food Grade Plastic)
• Anti Slippery Rubber Ring For Base Support
• White / Color Box as Per Customer Requirement

Following Are The Characteristics Of Candles.

1. Made Using 100 % Fossil Shell Flour Aid.
2. Outer Shell is Silver Impregnated For Better Water Purification.
3. Silver Impregnated Carbon Granules filled in Hollow Part of Candles to Avoid Bio fouling Of Carbon and to Absorb Any Smell in Water.
4. Faster Flow Rate As Each Particle Of Material Used In Making Of Candle I.E% Fossil Shell Flour Is Porous That Is Why Whole Candle Is Porous.
5. Suitable For Gravity Water Filter Containers
6. Can Be Back- Washed.
7. Flow Rate Of Each Candle Is 2 Liters Per Hour With 30 Cm Water Column And 7 Liters Per Hour With A Water Column Of 80
8. It Can Remove Impurities up to 0.3 Microns.
9. It Repels Virus As Silver Is Positive Charge.
10. Easy To Clean. Just Scrub The Outer Surface As Soon As The Candle Gets Choked And It Retains Its Flow.
11. Food grade plastic attachments are used on top and bottom.
12. Food grade rubber washer is used for proper sealing when the candle is fixed in a container.
13. Food Grade glue is used to seal the candle with plastic attachments
14. Do Not Consume 1ST 5 Ltrs Of Filtered Water After You Fix The Candle.

What Is Fossil Shell Flour ?
Fossil Shell Flour Is Fossilized Remain Of Diatoms, A Type of Hard Shelled Algae. It Is Used As Filtration Aid In Oil, Bear, Beverages, Pharmaceutical Drugs, and Water Etc. Each Particle Of Fossil Shell Flour Is Porous And Filtration Takes Place Through Particles To Give Maximum Clarity.